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First, one must understand what Examiner. The company was launched in and is a division of Clarity Digital Group out of Denver. Examiners are found in markets in the United States and Canada. For example, there is a Minnesota Vikings Examiner in Minneapolis. Virtually every big city — and many smaller ones too — in the United States has their own city-centric Examiner section. Note: All Examiners must go through an interview and background check and must have their idea approved through a channel manager.

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The company hires writers to write about select topics then aligns the site with Google Ad Words code and other advertisement to make money. Writers are paid on a per click basis, with an average of about 1 cent per click. According to Examiner. Pay may fluctuate depending on any of these and other factors. Examiners must publish at least two articles within the week to qualify. All articles published will still earn traffic-based pay. The writer is responsible for coming up with topics and ideas and is asked to post articles per week. Articles can range from as little to words to well over 1, words, and sometimes even more.

Each Examiner is responsible for the content of their section and responsible for using the Examiner. Each Examiner has an editor — called a channel manager — who they can bounce ideas off of and ask questions, but there is often limited interaction between writers and channel managers. Examiner wants writers who are able to creatively come up with their own ideas and publish their own articles. And it took months.

I want immediate income, not income that comes 6 months later. It just says that I prefer to go the digital route. And that is perfectly fine. At the end of the day if I am happy, not stressed, my bills are paid, my pets are taken care of, my family is fed, and I have shelter than in my eyes — I am pretty damn successful — regardless of where my money comes from. Chrystal recently posted… Writing, writing, writing, and more writing! One thing I would say though, is beware that all your intellectual property is owned by a site that could be sold, folded, change or vanish overnight.

Congrats on meeting your own writing goals!


With a few exceptions, the only way to make any significant money there is to write about celebrities, pop culture or television. So potential Examiner writers should know that. Also, most of the top earners do not simply write; they have their own Facebook pages and Twitter accounts specifically dedicated to their Examiner column, which they promote like crazy in order to build up a following.

How to Make a Full-Time Living Blogging on Examiner

There are a lot of broad-based topics…but you have to be willing to crank articles in just a few months to get the needed traction, I gather. Not everyone promotes like crazy. Any topic that you can make newsworthy is the way to go. Yes, celebs and the like are popular but they are not the only ones making the money.

Many exist on food, books, writing, and other general topics that make them newsworthy. Some have their own website and backlink. Some already had followers from another place or they built one up. It is different for all; but it can be done with any topic channel. It might be a lot of work for some, but I know folks who put in 5 hours a day and still make 4 digits. I only put in a few and I take a lot of days off and I can still pay my bills.

Everyones experience is different. It doesnt make Examiner a bad place to write. I only write a couple articles a day and just started with it so I am just now seeing a little bit of success with it but it is better than what I make at Hubpages. You might not think that is success but I do because I have never made that much with rev share. Clarissa Wilson recently posted… A zombie apocalypse? Emergency Alert system hacked.

I think your experience is pretty typical based on all the feedback I get, though. If you can crank that much content, I would think there are paying clients out there you could make a lot more from. I forgot to mention that I do have a full time job online and my own writing clients that pay well. I do Examiner on the side and think what I make there for very part time is pretty decent.

I make a good living from home and use Examiner for fun writing. Clarissa Wilson recently posted… Teen girls getting attacked with animal semen. They dont have to be words to be successful.

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So, you can either look at it as how many words you write per pay or how much money you can make per hour. Since I write quick and come from a long-term accounting background, I tend to look at how much I can make in an hour.

Being able to earn residual income allows me to take the rest of my time to work on my novels. If you enjoy that form, then cool for you.

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Why would someone be unhappy writing short little news pieces? Who wouldnt be happy by that? And the success with Squidoo is no different. I am far from unhappy. People need to just stop judging where people write for. Who cares? Writers, write. I did the whole magazine thing. HATED it. Newspapers too. Not everyone wants that life. And if people like CWilson are happy — why does that bother so many other writers? This is something I have been trying to understand since my first rev share account in I understand that not everyone sees things the same way when it comes to residual income, but we all know there are people who are very successful with it.

I mean Seth Godin owns Squidoo. Hello…so many freelancers follow him! We all want money. We all need it. But at the end of the day we are all writers with the same goal in mind. To write and let our voices be heard. That said, as long as there are writers who write relatively well and are willing to work for this economic model, it will thrive.

It is, however, not sustainable in the long run.

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So enjoy it while you can — which is what I suspect a lot of writers are doing. It relies on click counts and advertisers, and as long as readers are curious and advertisers are willing to pay, it can be exploited in this way. However, advertisers are fickle creatures. As soon as they realize that these web sites are not drawing a quality audience, they might start looking elsewhere, in which case the funds will dry up.

Carol, sorry if you feel your blog has been hijacked by your readers. As I wrote recently, Demand lost 25 percent of its traffic in one fell swoop on one Google change, and we know Google is hard at work thinking up more ways to screen out low-grade content.

Financial Examiner Job Description: Salary & More

Also, sites go bust, so those who count on residual income often wake up to find it has vaporized. Unfortunately it seems to be only a tiny percentage of writers that earn anything substantial with these models. Which is why my general take on them is that there are many other, better ways to earn as a writer.

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The norm is earning very little. Congrats on being one of the people who makes it work on there.

I enjoyed meeting Bill at NMX and learning about his approach, too. Point is — NO job is guaranteed. There is always something new, fresh, trendier.