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Just 15 percent, however, think the lifestyles of those Christians are significantly different from the norm. In a survey, only 7 percent of Assemblies of God pastors were satisfied with the state of discipleship in their churches. People are not defaulting into becoming committed followers of Christ. Churches that are not intentional about spiritual formation are filled with baby Christians who apparently are more concerned about their personal comfort and care than they are about reaching the under-represented in their community.

To become intentional about moving from maintenance to missional requires casting vision that projects further than from one Sunday to the next; it requires a strategic faith journey. Holy Spirit empowerment is necessary to achieve the transformational process of revitalizing a church that has been on a spiritual and numerical plateau.

Souls Are Important to Us

The transformational process also requires a biblical process — one that is both strategic and Spirit-led. If the process is flawed, the product will be flawed. I settled on a diagram model that presented a process for church health and development that had been adapted from a baseball diamond. This process intentionally moved believers to membership, maturity, ministry and mission. As the church began to grow, we morphed the process to fit our culture and needs.

Our goal was for everyone to connect, grow, serve and go. Today First Assembly in North Little Rock is a healthy body of Christ-followers, reaching their community and the world. Mission of the Church The Bible is clear concerning the mission of the Church universal. It is not complex; it is actually quite simple. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you.

The Great Commandment and the Great Commission need to be the mission and message of any church.

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Declaring the mission and the message of the church to be simple does not mean it is easy. There is a difference between simple and easy. Simple is basic, uncomplicated, and fundamental. Easy is effortless. It is messy and difficult because people are messy and difficult. Jesus dramatically simplified the mission of the Church. He took commandments of the Law and reduced them to two — not abolishing the law but capturing the spirit of the Law in two statements.

But uncomplicating the process may take time.

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  • The Functions of the Church Pursuing a simple process of church life is not an indication that divine power is unnecessary. Restoration takes place when God acts through the power of the gospel and the movement of the Holy Spirit, breathing new life into His church. A deep sense of awe came over them all, and the apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders. And all the believers met together constantly and shared everything they had.

    They sold their possessions and shared the proceeds with those in need. It is what a biblically functioning community looks like. It is what the church does. The Acts 2 Process Once the biblical functions of the church are identified, the church needs to implement a process to ensure a healthy balance is maintained. The Acts 2 process of church life is the implementation of the functions of the Acts 2 church. It creates an intentional journey for every church regardless of size. There are five steps in the process: Worship, connect, grow, serve and go.

    Discovering The Lost Church of Jesus Christ [sermon - Pastor Raymond Barnett]

    Worship Foundational to the entire process is worship. God must be the center of attention in every church. They need to cherish His manifested presence. His children need to be growing in grace. They need to seek His will. Some only view worship as the time assigned to singing. Worship is much more than that. Worship is viewing God correctly and expressing our love to Him. Connect The five greatest needs of the human personality are significance, support, stability, stimulation and self-expression. Getting connected to a church family best satisfies these needs.

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    • 7 reasons why many churches are not reaching the lost in their own backyards.
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    • God has wired us for connection. We need something to believe in, somewhere to belong, a way to behave and something to become. Regardless of how they are prioritized, they are all necessary. We all need to connect to Jesus and to others. Connecting to others through relationships creates opportunities for evangelism, fellowship and ministry, thus fulfilling three of the functions of the church as outlined in Acts 2.

      The Parable of the Lost Keys

      Most people who start attending a church and then drop out do so because they do not feel wanted. Often, they cannot get connected even though the church they visited claims they are the friendliest church in town. It is not how friendly they are to those already in the church, but how easy it is for newcomers to make friends. Will I fit in? Does this church need me? Churches can facilitate relational connecting through a caring, friendly atmosphere; effective follow-up and assimilation; introduction events and classes; and small groups and Sunday School.

      Acts of the Apostles

      In spiritual development, growth is a Christian lifestyle enhanced by learning the principles of Christ and practicing them through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Scripture is clear that there is a basic starting point to the Christian faith: admitting we need Jesus and then accepting Him as Savior. Do not misunderstand; salvation is imperative. The experience of salvation, however, does not preclude the need for Christian discipleship. Intentionally or not, we have promoted the idea that being a Christ-follower is primarily about the mere choice to convert.

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      Evangelism and discipleship should be an inseparable pair. Upon revisiting Visiter before its year anniversary earlier this year, Long noticed something that inspired the direction of their new album, Certainty Waves, which the band plans to release this Friday. Skip to content. Nu-disco Breakbot 9 p. Photo by PJ Szabo Singer-songwriter decker. The Dodos. Link copied to clipboard! Load Comments. Have a tip?