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I wonder if it remembers the life it had as a caterpillar? During its chrysalis, is the caterpillar conscious or asleep? Does a caterpillar dream? When it finally.

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Crimil's Dagger [www.

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While yeah, you can two-tap to the head, they are super unforgiving. If you miss a shot your as good as dead. Between this and the Duke I'd probably pick this, if only because of Accurized Rounds and a slightly better recoil direction. Duke MK. Midnight Coup [www. So there's no reason not to have a range Masterwork on this. That being said, it is hands down worse than it's Year 2 counterpart - Spare Rations. No only does Midnight Coup lack a magazine perk, Spare Rations stats are pretty much better across the board.

Optative [www.

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It has a great perk pool and feels great. While I don't think it'll be a top-tier PvP hand cannon, it's definitely serviceable.

Service Revolver [www. Great pool of perks, I personally like it way more than Trust. I love that we go from the most over-produced gun right into the most neglected. Really Bungie?

We have one legendary linear fusion rifle with random rolls? You know, linear fusion rifles have had a rough go of it pretty much all of Year 2. The one bright spot I would say is Arbalest. The Queenbreaker [www. Until their aim assist got nerfed into the ground. Then Sleeper got nerfed like four more times - consecutively - even though everybody stopped using it after like the second nerf.

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RIP my sweet Sleeper boy. Top Perks and Perk Combos:. Crooked Fang-4FR [www. The use-cases of this are pretty slim. I like it for soloing Vorgeth in the Shattered Throne, and it's fun to bust out in Gambit from time to time. I'd recommend machine guns for almost every piece of content in the game. Maybe the only exception is content where you need to kill a Boss with an insane health pool, like Reckoning and raid bosses. The damage falloff nerf machine guns received in Shadowkeep is noticeable, so don't expect to just map people anymore like it's a sniper rifle. Machine guns were introduced during Year 2's Festival of the Lost.

So as a more recent addition to Destiny 2 you won't have as many option to choose from. As of the time of writing this there is really only 5 decent options: Thunderlord [www. Hammerhead [www. Hell, I know people that prefer to use Hammerhead over Thunderlord I don't. But that just illustrates how good this thing actually is.

The reduced range in Shadowkeep is noticeable, but I don't think it's substantial enough to change my opinion of it. It's still a top-tier Gambit and PvP weapon. A Fine Memorial [www. It has significantly less Range and Stability, less Aim Assist and mag size, and slightly worse recoil direction. But what sets it apart is the fact that it can roll Demolitionist.

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Every 3 or 4 kills with it will give you your grenade back, on top of that - every time you throw a grenade it will reload Memorial. It has a very nice rhythm to it if your using your heavy to clear Minors and Majors. So this gun makes the recommended list strictly as a PvE weapon. I love this gun for PvE content. You can no longer sit on 3 stacks of Killing Tally, and then just maintain it through an entire boss fight by sitting behind a barricade.

But even with that I think this will still be an excellent option in Season of the Undying. The Grind : The Triumph you need to complete in order to finish the quest might as well say "play a bunch of Gambit", because that's pretty much all you need to do. I'd also recommend playing a lot of Gambit Prime as matches are quicker and a lot more Envoys should spawn over the course of the game. As far as the Infamy reset, I'd try waiting for a double or triple Infamy week and hammer out a ton of Gambit. Also, don't forget about Drifter Bounties. There's a lot of easy daily Infamy in there if you'd rather do a slow grind.

Bane of Sorrow [www. It's not as aggressive, but I also really like this gun for Gambit invasions. With the right roll it can reach a bit further than Hammerhead. Pulse rifles are still great for mid and mid-long range combat.

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Shadowkeep changes came with a nerf to effective range on Pulse rifles. This was done in order to allow Scout Rifles "room to breathe". I think Bungie got exactly what it asked for. Scouts now seem pretty viable. While the range nerf is definitely noticeable, I feel like pulse rifles can easily compete with scouts still.

That being said, don't expect to be able to challenge snipers at long ranges any more. Blast Furnace is still a great PvP weapon. Blast Furnace [www. So I can't say I'm shocked to see it's getting some nerfs. As to what that means for Blast Furnace long term viability, only time will tell. Assuming pulse rifles don't get their effective range absolutely gutter, I think it'll be just fine. Update : It's still great.

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While you won't be able to compete with snipers at long range anymore, it can still go toe-to-toe with scout rifles. Bygones [www. I don't know what it is about this gun. It just feels crisp and easy to use.

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This was the main weapon I used before I finally got my preferred roll on my Blast Furnace. Last Perdition [www. I actually used this to solo Shattered Throne, it's a very potent and underrated gun. Chattering Bone [www. That being said, still a great gun. Inaugural Address [www. That being said, it is hands down worse than it's Year 2 counterpart - Last Perdition. I'll be honest, I'm not much of a rocket launcher guy, but I do appreciate large explosions.

The only times I think I've ever used rocket launchers were: Bad Omens [www. Truth [www. The Wardcliff Coil [www. Deathbringer [www. Outside of the previously mentioned Exotics I just don't feel like you'd ever have a reason to run them when grenade launchers and machine guns are so much more versatile. For PvP make sure you're loading as much blast radius as you can on it. Bad Omens [www. I know, it doesn't sound like much, but in rocket launcher land that is pretty darn good.

PvP go blast radius wild. Roar of the Bear [www. So load up on blast radius. There isn't many option for mods when it comes to rocket launchers. Sleepless [www. I started playing D2 about a month after Forsaken came out.