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But the search only reinforces the sense of dilemma that sent us seeking in the first place. When my seeking ended and the practice began, I came to understand that what we all need, even more than a happy feeling, is a clear purpose — a meaningful goal or mission that connects us with other human beings.

Heart of a Warrior Angel

How would I know if I had it? What would happen if I got it? Is getting what I want going to take me to where I want to be? And finally, What is the purpose of my life? History provides numerous examples of iconic figures like Joan of Arc, Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and the Dalai Lama, whose clarity of purpose drew others to their missions like moths to the light. This book, which contains elements from my previous works, presenting them in their full context for the first time, was inspired by my own quest for a purpose in life.

I once believed that my purpose was all about work, and I searched through my twenties and well into my thirties for a career and calling. It took another decade of exploration and introspection before I understood that career is only one of four primary purposes in life. Embody the mystic gift of trust in direct guidance.

4.) You count coup on tyranny

Through trust, you journey to the place of 'no time' and limitless light. There you will undergo the transformations to embody solar heart and mind.

Yellow Warrior is a conduit for cosmic communication, offering access to the universal web of consciousness. This is the web of the Mayan mystic spider that weaves intergalactic threads, the conduit of interconnected consciousness. Yellow Warrior is the spider in the web, the grid connection for divine communication.

Receive these ripples of knowing from Yellow Warrior's web through the central axis in your spine, your staff. Accept this gift of knowing in grace, as you would receive the morning light by turning your face to the Sun. Grace is an unexpected touch, a blessing given in love, a natural gift from the universe.

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Use the power of love like an electrical current to serve the light. Open fully to feel and receive it! The number for Yellow Warrior is sixteen, the number of unity with the cosmic foundation of resonant evolution. As you embody the ferryman's staff, you become anchored in your connection to cosmic consciousness. Holding within you the foundational steps of the trinity, you carry the "Christed one" into the world.

As a living mystic, you are the conduit of the spiraling galaxies that creates a union with cosmic consciousness. Sixteen may also be seen as the beginning of another octave - a higher octave characterized by organic balance and the new Earth under your feet.

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Yellow Warrior's colours are indigo and gold, combining the limitlessness of the night sky with the freedom of the daytime Sun. If you desire to access grace and trust, focus on these colours. There are many symbologies connected with this. For one, the three groups may represent stargates - access points between dimensions or 'holes between worlds. Yellow Warrior acts as keeper of the wisdom of these stargates.

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In meditation with Yellow Warrior, you can learn how to utilize these stargates. In the Cabalistic tradition, these pillars represent the three different paths toward cosmic consciousness. The pillar on the left is the path of the mind, the intellectual flowering of knowledge unfolding. The pillar on the right is the path of the heart, celebration, the feeling senses, passion and nature.

The central pillar is the 'middle way,' the golden path that unifies heart and mind through divine devotion and service. This golden pillar ignites the flame in your heart and reveals cosmic knowledge. This central pillar or path is called the chutz , or 'arrow' that is designed to carry you directly toward reunion with cosmic consciousness. The bow is a rainbow, representing Spirit's promise that your arrow will always be sustained through trust - even through seemingly dark times - in its movement toward home.

This pillar symbolizes your embodiment, the choice to bring heaven to Earth as you dedicate your life to being an instrument of Spirit. Yellow Warrior is a composite energy created by those who serve this understanding. This mystical intelligence has its own spiritual identity and autonomy. As an archetype, it is the cosmic power of the planetary servers themselves, united in fulfilling divine purpose. Those on the path of the central pillar paradoxically 'give all to attain no-thing. How can I be, yet not be?

This spiral represents the eternal enigma of human existence, the cosmic question mark. It is the cry from the heart that says, "Guide my footsteps in the perfect pattern of my being, into the mysteries of deeper understanding and wisdom. I am the song seeking the root of truth. Trust in Spirit to provide all you need, and trust that what is given will serve your highest evolution. Trust in the wisdom of the "Mind of Light curriculum. This is Spirit's clear confirmation. Trust as an open vehicle for Spirit, your mystical intelligence, your divine guidance.

Embody your ability to commune with cosmic intelligence. A universal symbol associated with Yellow Warrior is the ferryman's staff. This staff is a tangible expression of your truth - the ideas, concepts and spiritual creations that come out of your mystical discovery process. To the Maya, the ferryman is personified as Quetzalcoatl or Kukulkan, and the staff is a connecting point between the Earth plane and the Divine. Whether you view your spine as the staff of Yellow Warrior or as a metaphor for a staff that stands apart from you, a profound awareness can emerge from working with it.

Direct guidance, communication, and embodiment are the key concepts contained in the staff.

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It is a symbol of learning to stand in your full power and authority - learning to 'tune in' to galactic intelligence so that transmissions are received effortlessly. This resonance is created through embodying light. The ferryman is offering you his staff. Plant it within yourself so that it becomes a blossoming tree of consciousness. In the Great Mystery, flint and tinder represent the instinctive combustion that initiates movement in the physical body toward union with Spirit.

When flint and tinder are brought together, the spark of divinity awakens and ignites the fire of your essence. Red Serpent invites the purifying spark of the sacred fire, the kundalini, to align and integrate your body, mind and spirit. Attitude : Symbolically, this pose is about moving forward into the depths of life with a confident and open attitude. Imagine your back leg firmly rooted in the present, and the bend in the front leg as your willingness to move deeply into what is ahead.

Look courageously at your goals , and lean into them. Your legs represent your groundedness and stability on the path, while your arms uplifted represent your connection to higher vibrations and elevated thoughts. Keep pointing your heart forward, as if you were shining a flashlight toward where you want to go. Soften your face to embrace the journey with grace. Physical Alignment : The legs are wider in Warrior II—about as wide as your hand when you stretch your arms out horizontally. Turn your right leg out, and your left leg slightly in to set your foundation.

Check to ensure that your front heel lines up with the arch of your back foot, and that you can evenly press down through all four corners of each foot. Bend your front leg as close to 90 degrees as possible, without letting the knee move beyond the heel. Keep the back leg straight, while encouraging the top of the back thighbone to move toward the back plane of the body. With the arms outstretched, gaze over the fingertips of your front hand, while remaining vertical in your torso.

Attitude : Your heart represents the present moment.