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Partner should use appropriate techniques to ensure that all business processes are discussed in depth.

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This should be backed by a well written but simple document called business blueprint document, which becomes the bible for the rest of the project team. Tip 6: Keeping the solution simple This is the most critical phase with respect to the mapping of business processes into SAP system.

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Tip 7: Master data accuracy Quality and accuracy of master data plays an important role in making the implementation successful. During the project phase, customers are required to collate their key master data like items, BOM, vendor, customer, chart of accounts, price list etc. This is an important task and takes time if done properly. Customers should give this activity the due importance and assign the right people to work on this and deliver good quality and accurate data.

If compromises are made at this stage it is bound to lead to incorrect transactions and reports eventually. Care must be taken to involve the key people from the beginning of the project.

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Sufficient training should be provided to all users and management must insist that the users spend an extra hour every day to practice on the training environment created for them. Any shortcuts during training will lead to lack of user confidence when the system goes live. This leads to chaos since transactions are not entered on time by some or many users and if not addressed on priority can lead to users discarding the solution giving reasons like it is difficult to use.

Tip 9: Communication with business partners Companies work in collaboration with their business partners — they could be customers or vendors. When a company decides to implement SAP, it is recommended that it communicates with its business partners well in advance about this plan.

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Implementing SAP leads to a disciplined way of working by following set processes. For example, if the suppliers have not been following a certain process with respect to their documentation that accompanies the goods, they need to be informed in advance that the company will not be able to accept goods without documents any more. Our focus is on delivering tangible business benefits on top of successful ERP implementation.

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The success of new IT system implementation are depends on organization and users readiness to adopt changes, selected IT system which will be implemented and the Consultant whose will help on the implementation proses. Implementation process is the most important step in the proses of IT system changes, meanwhile the IT system selection process that fit to the industry and company business process is also playing an important role.

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We adopt SAP Business One implementation methodology combine with our experience in local Indonesia and the needs from customers. Knowing you need to go digital is not the problem, the crux of this matter is in the adoption of the right digital tool and strategy for your business.

This technological platform offers cutting edge and advanced solutions to small businesses, helping them grow and stay on top of their industry. A critical part of using this solution is in the selection of an SAP Business One implementation partner. Selecting the wrong partner could prove costly to your business. Small businesses are aware of this and we are here to ease their worries by providing a guide to help in the selection of the best SAP Business One implementation partner for a business.

As stated earlier, this is the most critical part of using the SAP Business One solution for your small business. Selecting the wrong partner for your business can cost you dearly both in the short and long term.

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  4. Your whole aim of implementing the SAP Business One solution can backfire if you do not select the right partner for your business. We will reveal some factors that have been expertly curated. If you follow this guide carefully, then you will be well positioned to reap the full benefits that SAP Business One has to offer your small business.

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