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Chromosomal evolution in the plant family Solanaceae. BMC Genom. Interpretation of karyotype evolution should consider chromosome structural constraints. Trends Genet. Dodsworth S. Is post-polyploidization diploidization the key to the evolutionary success of angiosperms? Moraes A. Karyotype diversity and genome size variation in Neotropical Maxillariinae orchids.

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Husband B. The incidence of polyploidy in natural plant populations: Major patterns and evolutionary processes. Nystedt B. The Norway spruce genome sequence and conifer genome evolution. Casacuberta J. Sharma S. Organization and evolution of highly repeated satellite DNA sequences in plant chromosomes. Genome Res. Neumann P. Macas J. Repetitive sequence analysis and karyotyping reveals centromere-associated DNA sequences in radish Raphanus sativus L.

Dynamic Oryza Genomes: Repetitive DNA Sequences as Genome Modeling Agents | SpringerLink

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Repetitive part of the banana Musa acuminate genome investigated by low-depth sequencing.

The evolutionary dynamics of repetitive DNA in eukaryotes

Sunflower centromeres consist of a centromere-specific LINE and a chromosome-specific tandem repeat. Plant Sci. Heitkam T. Chromosome Res. Steflova P. Contrasting patterns transposable element and satellite distribution on sex chromosome XY 1 Y 2 in the dioecious plant Rumex acetosa. Genome Biol. Shibata F.

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There is an upper limit of chromosome size for normal development of an organism. Bennetzen J. Mechanisms and rates of genome expansion and contraction in flowering plants. Sessegolo C. Strong phylogenetic inertia on genome size and transposable element content among 26 species of flies. Hawkins J. Differential lineage-specific amplification of transposable elements is responsible for genome size variation in Gossypium.

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Doubling genome size without polyploidization: Dynamics of retrotransposition-driven genomic expansions in Oryza australiensis , a wile relative of rice. Harkess A. Retrotransposon proliferation coincident with the evolution of dioecy in Asparagus. G3 Genes Genom. Cegan R. Genomic diversity in two related plant species with and without sex chromosomes— Silene latifolia and S. Kidwell M. Transposable elements and the evolution of genome size in eukaryotes.

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Active miniature transposons from a plant genome and its nonrecombing Y chromosome. Sousa A. Analysis of transposable elements and organellar DNA in male and female genomes of a species with a huge Y chromosome reveals distinct Y centromeres. Sakamoto K.

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Characterization, genome sizes and morphology of sex chromosomes in hemp. Significant expansion of Vicia pannonica genome size mediated by amplification of a single type of giant retroelement. Park M. Evolution of the large genome in Capsicum annuum occurred through accumulation of single-type long terminal repeat retrotransposons and their derivatives. Estep M. The dynamics of LTR retrotransposon accumulation across 25 million years of panicoid grass evolution.

Rapid DNA loss as a counterbalance to genome expansion through retrotransposon proliferation in plants. Vicient C.