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I wonder if it remembers the life it had as a caterpillar? During its chrysalis, is the caterpillar conscious or asleep? Does a caterpillar dream? When it finally.

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The second week Jun focuses on interdisciplinary topics. Two days Jun 8,9 are devoted to seminars on spin related phenomena originated from spin-orbit interaction. The other three days are reserved for the international symposium Jun Key foreign and domestic researchers are invited to discuss various experimental and theoretical topics to find interesting common problems in this emergent interdisciplinary area and to grope for new direction of future study. For discussion from broader viewpoints, the symposium also treats related subjects such as oxide interfaces, NV center, surface transport and so on.

The final week Jun focuses on spintronic physics. Recent developments of spin pumping dynamics, spin accumulation, spin-charge transformation, spin Hall effect, magnon transport, Rashba interaction, and nanomanets are discussed. A novel class of equation of state for neutron star interiors with deconfinement. David E.


Supporting the existence of the QCD critical point by compact star observations. Fridolin Weber.

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The structure of dense matter in neutron stars. Giovanni Andrea Prodi. Overview of future interferometric GW detectors.

Gordon Baym. Phases of cold nuclear matter and the equation of state of neutron stars.

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Hajime Togashi. Nuclear equation of state with realistic nuclear forces. Hovik Grigorian. Cooling of neutron stars. Jeff Wagg. The Square Kilometre Array.

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Laura Tolos. NewCompStar: exploring fundamental physics with compact stars.

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Marco Limongi. Evolution and Explosion of Massive Stars.

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Matt Caplan. Abstract We show that the chiral-limit vacuum quark condensate is qualitatively equivalent to the pseudoscalar meson leptonic decay constant in the sense that they are both obtained as the chiral-limit value of well-defined gauge-invariant hadron-to-vacuum transition amplitudes that possess a spectral representation in terms of the current-quark mass. Issue Vol. Authorization Required.

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Log In. Lower panel: There are infinitely many such diagrams, which can introduce chiral symmetry breaking in the light-front wave function in the absence of a current-quark mass. Sign up to receive regular email alerts from Physical Review C.

Journal: Phys. X Rev. A Phys. B Phys. C Phys. D Phys.