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Wasson is a professor of community and family medicine and the Herman O. Author disclosure: nothing to disclose. Send comments to fpmedit aafp. Moore LG. Going solo: making the leap. The emergence of ideal micro practices for patient-centered collaborative care. J Ambulatory Care Manag. Going solo: one doc, one room, one year later. Murray M.

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Same-day appointments: exploding the access paradigm. A systems approach to patient-centered care. Baicker K, Chandra A. Medicare spending, the physician workforce, and beneficiaries' quality of care. Health Affairs.

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Sign Up Now. Previous article. Seven Strategies for C Sep Issue. Article Sections Introduction What is an ideal medical practice?

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The articles in this series References. What is an ideal medical practice? Abstract What is an ideal medical practice? Care is driven by the practice's priorities. Access is 24—7. Access is 9—5.

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The care team avoids new technology. Patients can see their own physician whenever they choose. Patients must see whoever is available. The majority of the office visit is spent with the physician. Ready to start branding your private practice? Schedule a free call with our Therapist Success Team to learn more! The Zencare team thanks the therapists we've seen over the years with small notes of gratitude. As a therapist in private practice, you have so many different priorities competing for your time. To increase your work efficiency, borrow a secret from the customer support world: email templates!

Six tips to inspire your private practice as a therapist, and help you kickstart a strategic online marketing push! What, exactly, is branding? How can it help my private practice? Ask yourself the following questions: Who am I especially qualified to work with? What age is my ideal client? With what gender do they identify? What are their struggles?

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What are their strengths? Why are they seeking therapy? What are their thought processes and personality traits? What are their relationship status, hobbies, education? Do they spend time online, and if so, where? Ready to develop your web presence? You have options! Outsource web creation : Use a site like TherapySites or Brighter Vision to design and do all things tech-related for your site. Streamline your web presence with Zencare : Many therapists use a Zencare profile as their primary website.

You can include add the profile link zencare. This activity is not about tearing apart the other therapists or putting anyone down to make yourself feel better.

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This is an excellent activity for helping you find yourself and your own voice in your practice and your marketing efforts. By identifying what you think is working and not working in those around you, you will learn where to invest more of yourself as far as marketing and what policies, procedures, and business plans to implement for yourself. Also, try not to get down on yourself when you see that others are farther along than you. In Step Two, you identified who your ideal client is.

In this step, you will dig even deeper into understanding your ideal client. In a traditional business, client research is often done using surveys and other analytical statistics, if you want to go that route, great, however, I find it is more useful to actually utilize this as a creative process. Surveys are a great way to understand your ideal client better without having to guess. I suggest doing this as a creative process and writing your own answers to a survey from the voice of your ideal client.

What are the three most important questions you can ask your ideal client and how would they respond? Some examples of helpful questions might be things like: what is the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning? What is the last thing you think about before going to sleep at night? What goals do you have for yourself in the next year? What is keeping you from reaching your goals?

What do you hope to get out of therapy? How committed are you to therapy? Once you have your questions, put yourself into the character of your ideal client. How would they answer these questions. What would their voice and tone sound like, how much thought would they put into it. Allow yourself to become your ideal client and answer these questions. What sets you apart from the other therapists in your area or specialty and allows you to help people in a different way? This is about adding your authentic personality and flair to your practice.

We all know, or have heard, that private practice can be very isolating. It is critical that you build a community around you and your practice, both for your sanity and for your success! Your community needs to know you exist in order for them to find you and for you to build your practice. This section will focus on what you want your community to look like. What strategies can you comfortably use to build relationships with these professionals? Perhaps you can set aside an hour a week for coffee or lunch with these other professionals, allowing yourself to genuinely get to know them, and them to get to know you.

This tends to be a dreaded topic for many therapists, however it can be a very accessible way to get your name out there to your community. Are there any ethical concerns you need to address in using any specific social media platforms? Which strategies will you use on each platform to help grow your audience and build your community?

For most therapists this section of your business plan will focus mostly on the services that you offer. However, some therapists might also sell products, such as books, workshops, or speaking engagements. Get specific here. What areas do you know a lot about? If you are an intern, what questions do your peers come to you for help with?