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High Holy Days - Adas Israel Congregation

Come and join our congregational family for a spiritually deep High Holy Day experience. Selichot is a special evening service that takes place on the Saturday before Rosh Hashanah. It is the time to begin our spiritual journey through the High Holy Days and to prepare us for the coming period of introspection and forgiveness.

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We begin with a light repast, an educational program, Havdalah Service and the Selichot Service. This service is open to member and non members. It marks the beginning of a ten day period of prayer, self examination and repentance known as the Days of Awe or High Holy Days. The words we use in the Synagogue during the Shofar Blowing ceremony describe the tones produced with this horn: Tekia-blowing, long; Terua-shouting, short; Shevarim-staccato. Tashlich is another special tradition at Temple Israel.

It happens immediately following the morning service. In a service called Tashlich, the congregation walks outside and symbolically casts away our sins into the stream on our property. Following the service is a Kiddush of wine and honey cake to help usher in a sweet New Year.

The fast enables us to put aside our physical desires and concentrate on our spiritual needs through prayer, repentance and self improvement. This is a time for action — when Jews seek out friendds and family and personally ask for their forgiveness.

We have an easy to read prayer book just for children. This service, in words, pictures and song, highlights the themes of the holiday: repentance, forgiveness and hope for the New Year. Our Junior Choir makes this service lively and beautiful. The Afternoon Service recounts the story of Jonah and the people of Ninevah, themes of personal responsibility and repentance. At Temple Israel, the Yizkor service remembers not only parents, but all friends and relatives who are no longer with us.

The service concludes with the blowering of the Shofar. All men must wear a kipa headcovering ; women may, as well. All Jewish men must wear a tallit prayer shawl while in the prayer service; women may, as well. We encourage people to bring their own, though KI has some prayer shawls available to borrow. Ushers are available to help all worshipers find what they need. The central observance of Yom Kippur is a hour fast, commencing just before sundown and continuing through nightfall.

Fasting is meant to deepen the prayer experience, reduce distraction and help us get in touch with our own vulnerability and mortality.

Fasting is a personal matter. Many in synagogue will be fasting; some, for medical reasons, will be unable to do so. The ritual of fasting cannot be understood as an end in itself. The haftara on Yom Kippur makes it abundantly clear that a fast that fails to attune us to our duties towards the poor, hungry and homeless is a fast in vain. Young Children.

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KI offers many options for children on the high holidays. Children are welcome in the main service, and the congregation supports parents and grandparents as they help the next generation experience the day. Children's books, many of them on holiday themes, are available near the library door. We also recognize that children need a different kind of Yom Kippur experience than their parents do. Snack is provided. Advance registration is very helpful—please contact the synagogue office for that. Mon, December 2 4 Kislev Find out more about ShulCloud.

Powered By ShulCloud Login. Seating Ushers may direct you to a particular door for entry to the sanctuary or ask you to wait a couple of minutes if the congregation is standing in silent prayer or listening to a speaker.

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Garments for Prayer All men must wear a kipa headcovering ; women may, as well. Fasting The central observance of Yom Kippur is a hour fast, commencing just before sundown and continuing through nightfall. Young Children KI offers many options for children on the high holidays.