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The first thing you should know is that to enter the park you must pay an entry fee, if you also want to camp this is another way and later I explain how to do it.

Grand Canyon National Park, 4th Edition

The park has a free parking but in summer it tends to be quite crowded, so we decided to leave the car in Tusayan. Tusay an is a 20 minute bus ride from the park with hotels, restaurants, a Visitor Center, shops,… And from where the helicopters leave to do the tours by the grand Canyon. In the Visitor Center of Tusayan There is a parking where you can also leave the car for free, and within the same, there is an automatic machine where you can take the entrance of the park, the only thing is that you can only pay with Card.

From the visitor center of Tusayan from May to september the Violet Line takes you in 20 minutes to the visitor center of the Park. The hike is hard, even the descent by the great drop you find on the route, so it is best to spend a night at Least. To sleep at the bottom of the Grand Canyon there are only two options, one is sleepi ng at Phantom R anch and t he other camping in any of the campgrounds There. In order to get accommodation in this small ranch, it is necessary that you enter your system of allotment of places with 15 months in advance, in its the website of Phantom Ranch you will find all the Details.

The ranch also offers a meal service later I tell you more Information. So we decided to try this one, because when we decide that we were going to descend to the bottom of the grand canyon, it was already covered the allotment of places on the Ranch.

If you have questions about how to fill it up please contact us and I will help you enchanted! It is necessary to fax, mail or in person to Backcountry Information Center located inside the park on both sides North Rim and South Rim. Travel TIP: Please note that camping space allotments must be made 4 months in advance. If your intention is to camp for example in august, you would have to apply for permission in April 4 months before , Although I recommend you start doing so from the 20th of March. Here I leave a table when you should submit your requests depending on the date you want to do your Tour.

Once the Backcountry Inform ation Center department eva luates your request and availability, you will get an answer e-mail with your camping permit. If you have decided to camp and have been fortunate enough to get a permit, tell you that the only thing this provides is a space where you can rest that night. We decided to do the descent by Sout h Kaibab Trail and the ascent b y Bright Angel T rail so our camping site was bright A ngel Campground whic h is the one next to the Colorado River.

If you decide to go down B right Angel Trail, y ou have another option of camping in I ndian Garden Campground to mts of the Border. The camping spaces in Bright Angel Campground, are composed of; A e splanade of land n ext to a stream where by the way, if you travel in summer as we appreciate you can refresh yourself, a bank and me tal boxes whe re they advise you to put the food to not attract the animals. As common spaces you will find toilets with services and a sink, no showers and a water outlet where you can pick up Supplies. The camping area does not have a space allocated for each permit, just choose the one you want when you Arrive.

Well it is true that there are some larger than others that are reserved for large groups as was our Case. We look for places where we can rent mountain material and find one in Flagstaff is called P eacesurplus. In it we rented the tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and especially and very important walking sticks, the price was not excessively expensive and you can make the rent from your website or by e-mail they answer you immediately. Travel TIP: The tent in summer is quite useful but the sleeping bag we rented a summer one and we could have saved it, because the heat down there was infernal.

Trip Planning

We only use them to quilt the Floor. Accessible only by walking from the Visitors Center of the park, which adds almost 30 minutes to your hike, or the Orange Line of the shuttle Bus. Even with all this descent, there is st ill North Kaibab Trail junct io n and Bright Angel Campg round the drop up here mts.

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The views of this route are impressive, you can not stop doing it if you go down and listen to me, you do not want to upload! The quadriceps are loaded, the twins seem to be in the next step are going to leave, and the heat when we did august , did not help much to improve the Situation. Still the tour is a sight for the VIEW. None of the points have water o r shade, so I recommend that you take enough to get to the camp where if you can Fill.

We took about 3 liters per p erson, and there wer e people who had to drink from the rest that we were better off.

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The total distance of the route is If you want a reference, none of the 9 we were going was any consecrated mountaineer, although if there was a member of the group who was in full shape and could have done it if it had gone only in a much less time. If you can, organize so that you can start the route about in the Morning. We decided to use this route for the ascent because it is much longer but therefore less steep. In addition you have drinking water in many of its points and quite shade, so you will not need to carry water behind your back and you can shelter some heat which will facilitate your promotion.

The beginning of the same is quite affordable, little difference and a totally different place to the South Kaibab Trai l. This route is much greener even reaching through small streams. To Pl ateau point the ascent is quite bearable, from this point begins to complicate and begins the serious Ascent. By then you already carry a third of the route and with that you are animated, and if you leave soon we start at in the morning , the sun still does not tighten too much and you are no longer in the pot of the Grand Canyon where the heat is Extreme.

The route is Alex who was in the form of the 9 managed to do it in 4 hours, which for us was unthinkable!. One of the things to take into account in a demanding route is the descent to the bottom of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado is food and drink. I have already commented before that on the route of South Kaibab Trail There are no drinking water points throughout the route to get to the camp, which if there is on the route of Bright Angel Trail so if you go down the first takes enough water , if you do it for the second you can avoid carrying so much weight. The food issue if you do not want to carry more weight, Phantom Ranch has a food service for all those who are lucky to find a place because they are limited, regardless of whether you sleep in their facilities or not.

I leave the Cantina page so you can book and check the canteen sch edules. We did not get to have places for dinner but if we could catch it for breakfast the day of the Ascent and the truth was quite abundant. I found that a lot of neighbors got to know each other and there is a cool sense of community at the campgrounds.

We saw a lot of familiar faces during our hike the next day. After a descent down Mooney Falls that will make your palms sweat , the hike to Beaver Falls is an absolute joy as you work through lush green plants and several creek crossings. Four miles into your eight-mile trek are the cascading pools of Beaver Falls. The section of the hike will eventually leave the trail and have you wading through the narrow creek with canyon walls on each side.

How and when you hike out of Havasupai depends on the time of year. We went in April when temps were cooler, so hiking out during the day was still hot but manageable. However, if your trip is in the dead of summer, you should plan to start your hike well before the sun comes up. The canyon is pretty unforgiving when the sun is overhead. Pack as much water as possible and bring sugary, salty snacks to keep your body fueled I bought a can of Coke at the general store. I know I dote on my state but Havasupai truly is one of the most unique places on the planet.

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Plan Your Visit - Grand Canyon National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

Supai Village. Hiking Out How and when you hike out of Havasupai depends on the time of year. Weekend Explorers.

Arizona Adventurer Writer 9 to 5 Hiker. Weekday Warriors. See responses 1.