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I wonder if it remembers the life it had as a caterpillar? During its chrysalis, is the caterpillar conscious or asleep? Does a caterpillar dream? When it finally.

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You've changed your bedsheets, put on a fresh pair of pyjamas, and are ready for a good night's sleep ready for the new week ahead of you. Everything is set up for you to sleep soundly, but for some reason you just can't.

Then you get stressed about how late it is, you continue to toss and turn, and you wake up on Monday morning feeling anything but refreshed. Why does this happen? There could be a couple of reasons, explains Simba's sleep psychologist, Hope Bastine.

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Firstly, she points to the disruption to our usual sleep pattern that we usually experience over a weekend. This might sound like a good thing, but it can cause issues.

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So when we change our usual habit, our brain feels out of sorts," Hope says. Not really enough to make you flat out tired again. But that's not the only reason so many people find it difficult to switch off on the last night of the week - dread for the week ahead is also a common one. It's a pendulum effect that can cause your brain to go into overdrive.

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In an attempt to prevent this inevitable Sunday night occurrence from happening, however, Hope advises going to bed when you feel like it on a Sunday night, and not just when you think you should. Get your early night on Monday night instead! Follow Cat on Twitter. Type keyword s to search.

Today's Top Stories. In other words, the same part of our brain that warns us away from danger also makes us anxious about facing work each Monday. As Bartolucci puts it, our dread is caused by us thinking ahead instead of staying in the moment. So what can we do about it? Is there any way we can pull ourselves out of that weekly downward-spiral? Mindfulness is one option, according to counselor Frank Healy.

Healy strongly recommends mindfulness techniques to combat the Sunday Blues. Sometimes, we also need to give ourselves a good self-talk.

This is why you struggle to get to sleep on a Sunday night

We might find ourselves dreading Mondays even when we enjoy work. We could also focus on all the things we enjoy about school or work—seeing our friends or co-workers, working on an interesting project, or even having a delicious lunch the next day. We often plan to finish work or run errands on the weekend, but we may not finish all of our intended tasks.

Many of us feel the need to be productive on the weekends, but having unstructured time to rest and regroup is essential for our health. So those unproductive Sundays? Start viewing them as a good thing.


Of course, if we have the Sunday blues really badly, it might be a sign that we desperately need to change our work or school lives. In these cases, our subconscious might be urging us to make a change for the benefit of our health — which means our neocortex is doing a good job, after all.

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