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So far, one floor - which will be home to year seven - has been finished and made safe for visitors.

A look inside the Educational Opportunity Program

Inside one of the recently completed classrooms. Each year group of students will have their own atrium and mezzanine level. The atrium can be used for whole year groups, or several smaller groups. In one corner, there is a circular, fully sound-proofed mini-amphitheatre to fit 25 students.

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Each floor is bordered by courtyards and corridors, all enclosed by steel mesh to facilitate light and breeze, and to prevent falls. On the mezzanine level, there are traditional classrooms in which the desks double as whiteboards. The specialty rooms, such as science labs, will be on the top floors.

There will be large lifts, but students will be encouraged to use the stairs. There will be a gym, a playground and play space on each year's floor, and the existing s buildings will be demolished to create more green space.

Another of the recently completed floors. In the next few months, students and teachers will visit the school to help ensure a smooth transition.

Inside Education

The building will be run more like an office block than a traditional school, with a basement plant room dedicated to the operation of the sprinklers, air conditioning and elevator systems. The school is designed to accommodate students; another will attend the new primary school across the road, which is due to be finished within a few months.

There are students at Arthur Phillip.

Shenandoah Community School District

They will move to the new campus on day one, term one, and the numbers will grow over several years to give the school community time to adjust. When our policies are seen as legitimate in the eyes of others, our soft power is enhanced.

Education as Soft Power: The Potential of Student Mobility

As noted above, China is one of the countries that strategically employs soft power. China immediately began to implement this policy through regional initiatives and by expanding the number of Confucius Institutes worldwide. These Institutes bridge language and cultural exchanges between China and other countries. The mission is to introduce Chinese culture through the teaching of Chinese language, history and traditions and encourage study in China.

Institutes offer free classes, cover summer travels to China and provide support to individuals pursuing a scholarship or internship in China. Institutes have offered , language courses to around 46, full and part-time and overseas Chinese teachers.

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  7. The global engagement strategy combines the work of the Confucius Institute with the One Belt One Road initiative that provides financial aid and loans to developing countries. To date, China has invested in infrastructure projects in over 70 countries in Eurasia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America and facilitated staff and student exchange programs.

    Sex Education in America: A View from Inside the Nation’s Classrooms

    Yet, geographic proximity might be a good reason why Central Asian citizens favor China as a destination. The number of Chinese graduates that have returned home has more than doubled since According to official government statistics, of , Chinese students that studied abroad in , , returned to China that year.

    In , upwards of , Chinese students were studying abroad and , returned home. Soft power can pay dividends when it is coupled with economic opportunity. That is an enviable reversal of brain drain. The Chinese government has enacted a policy in two directions with apparently equal success: on the one hand using soft power to attract international students and promote Chinese culture abroad through Confucius Institutes and on the other hand boosting economic opportunities to increase the flow of Chinese talent back home.

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    In this way, they have simultaneously increased their visibility abroad, enticed talented foreign students to come to China and stemmed the loss of domestic talent. To their credit, Chinese policymakers established clear targets and were able to attain them through initiatives that included utilizing higher education as the vehicle to achieve policy goals.

    Ainur Yerezhepekova is a graduate student at George Washington University in international education. Be the first to know.

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